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A Breath of Fire Icontest
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Welcome to Breath of Fire Icontest, a bi-weekly Breath of Fire series Icontest Community! All skill levels are welcome!
Moderators are margyydoodle and candybouquet.

1. Up to 2 icons may be submitted per theme.
2. All icons must have to be related to Breath of Fire.
3. Icons must be LJ compatible: 100x100 in size and 40KB.
4. Fan art and Doujinshi IS allowed, and if you do know the source for your fan art, please state so but it's completely optional.
5. No voting for yourself or getting friends to vote for you.
6. All icons must be fresh, meaning not previously made and shown around everywhere. Try to make them specifically for the contest!

Every other Friday a mod will post a theme which will be open for 2 weeks to submit to (this IS a bi-weekly icontest after all). All icons submitted must adhere to the theme somehow. Please use this format when submitting icons.

Voting will take place from Friday night to Sunday night. You will vote for your favorite 3 icons.

Votes will be counted using the three point system as follows:

First Place: 3 Points
Second Place: 2 Points
Third Place: 1 Point

If there are at least 12 icons to vote on, we will also have a Special Category.

Banner makers are margyydoodle and candybouquet
If you would like to become a banner maker, please comment here!

A archive of all our previous themes can be found here!

To see our list of galleries, please go here!

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